Shiroro Solar Power Project

North South Power Company Limited is expanding its renewable energy platform with a proposed 300MW solar generating facility. The solar farm will be developed to create a synergy with the Hydroelectric Power Plant thereby creating the first solar-hydro integrated plant in the region.

Key Attributes

  • 3 hours from Abuja, the Federal Capital city of Nigeria
  • Average solar irradiation of 5.42Kwh/m2/day
  • 12 Km from existing Shiroro substation
  • 12 Km from existing Shiroro Hydroelectric power plant
  • 0.1 km from major road network (Gwada-Shiroro Road)
  • Land flat and unsettled as previous occupants have been resettled


  • Completion of preliminary technical feasibility report
  • Completion of the bankable technical feasibility report
  • Approval of transmission connection by Transmission Company of Nigeria
  • Approval of Environmental and Social Impact assessment studies by the Federal Ministry of Environment